The Fohorn Online T&Cs

The primary purpose for this service is to provide cheer and support to our amazing community of regulars through this difficult time. It is not a money making exercise – we are trying to make sure we cover costs and overheads only.

As such, there are some conditions:

· There is a minimum order of £11 for a delivery. (The cheapest price for one 4-pint cask takeaway). This includes free delivery and the sterile takeaway container, which we will provide.

· As this is for locals, we will only be delivering to BN3, BN41 and BN42 postcode areas. Please do not try to order from Brighton or anywhere else further afield. We will have to cancel and refund your order.

· Cut off time for ordering will be 2pm each day. Orders placed after this will be delivered the following day.

· All payment must be made online first. Items will be delivered between 2.30 and early evening. The driver will knock and leave the items on the door-step and check age by sight, standing 2 metres away.

· All items will be packed and sent in a sterile environment. Please respect the space of the driver.

· If there is increased demand then we may stop taking orders at any time, as our resources are limited. With this in mind, please try to make your orders last, rather than placing one every day.

We’re gonna give this a go, and see if it works out. As you know, there are lots of things changing all the time, so we must keep on our toes. But for now, stay in, stay safe and stay well!