The Foghorn

The Foghorn has opened as a pub once again. Hence we are taking offline.

Thanks for a fantastic weekend, folks. We can now happily announce we’ll be opening the inside from tomorrow! We’ve just got a few rules which we hope you’ll all abide by.

1 - Please wait to be seated upon arrival
2 - Please do not stand at the bar
3 - Please remain seated unless walking to the toilets
4 - If seated outside, please place your order at the hatch
5 - Contactless payments only
6 - Contact details will be taken and logged for 21 days

If you wish to sit indoors, we strongly recommend you book in advance. We have some space for walk-ups but we’re operating at reduced capacity for obvious reasons. Time slots will start and finish on the hour e.g 5-8pm, and we ask if you’d specify how long you wish to book the table for and kindly drink up 5 minutes before your slot ends to allow the table to be cleaned in preparation for the next customers. To book a table please email [email protected] or call us during business hours and we’ll try to accommodate you. Outside tables will remain first-come first-served.

Our opening hours are slightly tweaked too:
Mon - closed
Tue/Wed/Thu - 12-2pm, 5-9pm
Fri/Sat - 12-10pm
Sun - 12-6pm

Thanks for sticking with us through all this craziness. We are looking forward to welcoming you all back. Please respect the rules and be conscious of others during your visit.


-Tommy, Niall & Tim